The BScanner website is a new price on the Ukrainian Internet. Now, any retailer can view information about a product in just a few seconds: prices in trade markets and online stores, product warehouse, availability of discount additives, comments from other customers.

How does it work in Київ?

  1. Enjoy our supplement or go to the site. It’s really good that the add-on and the site work perfectly.
  2. By clicking on the scanner icon on the right side of the search field, the scanner will become available. If required, you can manually enter a barcode or product name.
  3. Point to the barcode of the selected product and wait for a few seconds.

You are surprised that a lot of data can be retrieved using just one barcode. As previously, it was believed that the barcode of the building was more than just about the crane, then we have to do more.

In the locality Київ we can search prices for nearby stores: UltraMarket (zakaz.ua) (вул. Глибочицька, буд. 44), Сільпо (вул. Басейна, 6), Tabletki.ua (), АТБ (бул. Лесі Українки, буд. 5), EVA (вул. Борщагівська буд. 128), МегаМаркет (вул. Антоновича, 50), ISEI (), Метро (просп. Григоренка, 43), Космос (zakaz.ua) (Оноре де Бальзака, 2А), Епіцентр (вул. Братиславська, 11), Продмаг (проспект Степана Бандери, 23), Ашан (вулиця Здолбунівська, 17), Метро ОНЛАЙН (), Фора (Попудренка ул, 9-Г), Ашан ОНЛАЙН (), VARUS (вул. Миколи Бажана, 10А), NOVUS (zakaz.ua) (), Велмарт (вул. Героїв Дніпра, 31), NOVUS (б-р Миколи Міхновського (Дружби Народів), 16а), Велика Кишеня (пр. Академіка Глушкова, 36), ВК SELECT (вул. Матикіна, 1), ВК ЕКСПРЕС (вул. Інститутська, 15/5), ЕКО маркет (zakaz.ua) (Закревського, 12), FOZZY (пр-т. Степана Бандери, 23), Rozetka, Watsons, MAUDAU, MAKEUP, PAMPIK, EXIST.UA, F.UA, WINETIME, AURA, Masmart, e-Coffee.com.ua, KidButik.ua, MIKSON, АГУСИК, iHerb, Lantale, Raptom, Канцелярка, Кофейня, Престиж Плюс, Rumiana, SOLO, SportShop, МОБИЛЛАК, VINTAGE, Аптека24, ArtDrink, PAPAY, Кідіс, Антошка, BROCARD, Полиця, Ли́тали, PROSTOR, Наша Стройка, Barbercompany, Книгарня "Є", Мегакнига, Detmir, Країна казок, Фаунамаркет, zootovary.net.ua, Рово, Хім Опт, Inter Cars, Сільпо ОНЛАЙН, BAYADERA, БОМОНД, YAKABOO

Why am I scanning a product, but only one store can see me?

There are often such goods that are sold only in one trade area. In the first place, I’m talking about power brands. Also, exclusive imports are becoming more common. Please note that only one trade outlet has the right to import another brand.

How can I buy a product right away?

So, such is the ability. For the convenience of buyers, all online stores have a buy button. Just click on it, and it will immediately take you to the product page of your preferred store. We would like to point out that the BScanner site operates not only in the locality Київ, but also in other localities of Ukraine.